Making America Great Again

And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.  Matthew 28:18

Thou makest us a strife unto our neighbours: and our enemies laugh among themselves. Turn us again, O God of hosts, and cause thy face to shine; and we shall be saved.  Psalm 80:6-7

As I prayed for my country this morning, I prayed the words of Psalm 80.  Turn us to you, God.  America has forgotten how to turn to You.  Our neighbors think Christians are the problem, and the communist left laughs at our bantering among ourselves.  God, have you listened to a Donald Trump speech lately?

My perspective changed, as it often does when I pray and listen for the voice of God.  God reminded me that all power on earth belongs to Him, and He is using Donald Trump to awaken His church.  In my lifetime, the Communists have murdered 130 MILLION people around the world.  The church has said little.  Sixty million unborn babies have been slaughtered.  The church is silent.  Public education has lied our children into believing in the forced redistribution of wealth.  They do not understand the difference between Christian charity and Communism, a system where the rich confiscate wealth and property, and kill anyone who objects.  It is not an opinion.  It is a fact lost on the historically ignorant church.  And so, a nation born for liberty and Christianity is offering its highest office to communist principles, and the young people flock to their damning lies of prosperity without work, and Utopia without God.

If it were not for Donald Trump, would the church be paying attention?  I doubt it.  In the last election cycle, the Republican party offered a cult member who believes he will be a god someday and has this private thing about underwear…  But at least Mitt doesn’t cuss and say politically incorrect things.  The church seemed OK with that.

Donald Trump is a reflection of the church’s neglect of the Christian nation, and the freedom Jesus Christ bought for us, both on earth and in heaven.  It took a Donald Trump for the church to open its mouth.  He brings to light our grave failure—we will swallow anything as long as it’s decent.  Donald Trump is a call to American pulpits to teach the meaning of freedom, the historic Biblical law on which America was founded, the real meaning of marriage and family, the danger of Communist atheism, God’s promise of health, His great value of all life, and His plan for economic free enterprise.  Socialism is incompatible with the Bible.  It is the secular humanist’s twisting of God’s plan for His people to serve in love until every man lacks nothing.

This election is not a reflection of a boisterous billionaire who has taken the Republican party by storm.  It is a true reflection of a silent church, who has failed to preserve our liberty.  There is no freedom outside of Christ.  It is time for the church to thank God for Trump—he is a wake-up call to repent of our gross neglect.  Let the leaders cry, “Restore!”  Jesus Christ has ALL power.  A true disciple will conduct his life in a manner that proclaims liberty to the captives.  It is almost too late.  We shall soon be all captives.  If you are jolted by Donald Trump, thank the Lord, and take authority in your own life, in your home, with your children, and begin to live out the Godly principles that will make America great again.  Read the Bible.  It’s all there.


About thegriefexperience

I have recently published a book for grieving people called Comfort and Joy available at my website, I received my Doctor of Education degree from the University of Louisville, and also hold a Master of Science degree and a Physician Assistant degree. I lived as a short term missionary in Swaziland, South Africa, prior to my life as a grief coach and author. My story is about the fact that I am an expert in grief, learning through the goodness of God to navigate a life of sudden turns and repeated trauma that brought grief and loss. I have learned about grief as an unwilling student in a life shaken by sudden death, suicide, and devastating illness. I have been widowed three times, and have raised five children in the midst of earthquake life changes. I have counseled, written and taught classes on The Grief Experience because it is what I have learned well. No amount of education or theory prepares you for multiple experiences of death and loss. But I have found healing in Jesus Christ who is the only One who has conquered death. What He has done for me, He will do for you. Visit my blog at
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2 Responses to Making America Great Again

  1. Katalina Scott says:

    I love reading your blog, thank you for tending to it like you do😊
    I’m confused about this one today though…how is MrTrump waking up the “church” ?
    Please explain, thank you!

    • Donald Trump has jolted the nation into THINKING! He is like Cyrus or Nebuchadnezzar, a pagan who has been placed in a place of power by God to speak judgment to His people. He is brash. He is confused. He is a pitiful statesman. But apparently, he is not a pawn in the hands of bankers, international oil cartels, and communist collectivists. He loves this nation. We are living in a socialist Babylon. Like Daniels, we must pray and live in radically different and Godly ways than the lost all around us. And those in power will take notice, because that is how God does things.

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